My first born, Andreas, was a very adorable baby and toddler when young. Friends commented that he has the cover kid look. We took him to Perth when he was two, and Australians came up to us and complimented him. So, I decided to check out a few model agencies to see if I can make some money. He was natural, cooperative and smiled on cue. The photographers loved him. He had a few assignments, including a cover on LifeStyle magazine and appearing in a TV documentary shown in an exhibition for Singapore’s self rule or government.(I forgot.)
I had big dreams for him, getting top in class, like his father, and going to top school. Modeling was not in the agenda. The modelling assignments tapered off as he entered primary school and I was also too busy with my career to drive him around for the shoot. My sister and brother had to take leave to bring him for the video shoot for the Singapore exhibition over two days as the producer loved him and insisted that he be in it.
As he grew, our paths diverged and there were more times that I was angry with him than pleased.
When Min, my brother told me that he was joining his friend to support the Children’s Cancer Foundation in shaving their heads, I thought of the males in my family doing it together. Min doubted that they would, especially the two older boys, since teenagers are especially sensitive to how they look. Aaron? "No way!" Mike, "No." Ivan "Don’t want" (instead of his usual don’t know.) Only Andreas said he would consider and get back to me. I didn’t have much hope of him saying yes and was pleasantly surprised and touched when he said he would do it.
The shaving would take place on 5 July, Andreas’ birthday. I told him that he should tell all the aunties and uncles to support him by donating online to CCF instead of buying him gifts or giving him money. He was disappointed to hear that. But I want my birthday gifts too…
My friends and relatives were very supportive, and the PSG from Andreas’ alma mata were just as quick to donate. As of today, he has collected $720 for the CCF, a modest sum which we are thankful for. When I look at the messages and the increasing donation, I’m touched by the support shown to Andreas (as there are many shavees with zero donation.). Thank you everyone. Your money has gone to saving a child from cancer.
If you are reading this and have yet to make a donation, please do so at:
I am very proud of Andreas.

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