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The Whatchamacallit by Danny Danziger and Mark McCrum

As a writer who wrestles with words all the time, this book is a God’s gift to me. I saw a review of it on Oprah’s magazine and decided that I needed it.   I subscribe to and play … Continue reading

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Brooks Republic Run

The last run I had before this was 4 weeks ago at the Passion run. Since then, I’ve not ran but I figured 5km should be okay. This would be the first time I’m running the route. I had hope … Continue reading

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Time for a Tea Break

Generally when I begin my blog, I roughly know what I’m going to say. It’s how I catagorise it that remains a mystery until I’ve completely written it down. Sometimes, I have to re-categorise it. Like this topic.   I usually … Continue reading

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SMART goals

My brother-in-law, a lawyer turned housing agent visited me on Sunday. During our chat, he told me that his mission in life is to make as much money as possible through various investments, but mostly through property transactions. He said … Continue reading

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Brooks Republic Run

I believe a family that runs together stays together. Thus, when I proposed running on Sunday morning, I do not accept no from any of the kids, and I expect them to be up by 8am and be ready to start … Continue reading

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Hair for Hope

Yesterday, i took Andreas to the briefing for Hair for Hope (HFH). It was an enriching experience. We saw videos taken from last year’s event, as well learn how Children Cancer Foundation helps the family as well as children suffering … Continue reading

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Self Sabotage

I love watching the Oprah show, however, there is nothing but reruns of it daily. Thank goodness I subscribed to the O magazine. This is one magazine that is cheaper to subscribe than even Her world. I only pay about S$5.50 to … Continue reading

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