Interschool Aquathlon 2009

Yesterday in the Sunday Times, journalist Ignatious Low wondered what all the hooha was about with all the endurance races. He wrote a tongue-in-cheek article on the better things to do when free. Well, I begged to differ and participating in endurance races have been a part of the family activities since the boys were young.
The annual interschool Aquathlon was held on 18 April 2009 on a very sunny Saturday.  The fact that it was held at 1pm meant that the kids had to miss their tuition. For once, Ivan complaint about having to miss his A maths tuition. I told him, run as fast as possible and we may make it in time for your tuition.
We were almost late, as we had to make a detour, having missed the turn into the event venue. The turn out was not as good as last year, as there were many empty parking lots available. Perhaps the lack of event giftpack, as well as the high entrance fee was a reason.
The first thing we did was to do the body marking, then it was to look for the Nanyang team. The team had already assembled at the swim start and Aaron rushed in quickly for the briefing. The current was strong but I was assured by the many life guards and canoes present in the sea.
Aaron had to swim 200m out in the open sea, and run 1km. He was quite slow in his swim and I waited a long time for him to appear. He claimed to have finished the whole race in 14 minutes but I have yet to see the results.
Ivan was in the B division and Andreas in the tertiary. Ivan swam 400m and ran 3km. Andreas swam 750m and ran 5km. The swim was rather difficult and many of the swimmers were dragged by the current away from the bouys and safety lines. Luckily, all of them made it safely to shore, before embarking on the gruelling journey of their run.
The boys had a satisfactory race, a race against their own time, and I’m sure their adrenaline boost at the end of the race was something they would not have exchanged for the world, even as Aaron said he would!

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