Birds’ Paparazzi

If birds are movie stars, then Mike and I are the paparazzis following them around with our cameras and webcam.
According to my bird-watching neighbour, Doreen, it’s the nesting seasons. Last Monday, She had her giant telescope in her balcony aimed at my house. She waved to me when she saw me. I told her, "Wow, I must ensure I draw my curtain when i change!" She laughed and waved off my comments, and told me that she was observing the sunbird that was building a nest on my pot of bouganvillas on my second floor flower bed. 
I went upstairs to have a closer look, but the mess of twigs and mud did not resemble a nest to me at all. Must be a novice, I thought to myself.
On Tuesday, the sunbird finished building its nest and Mike managed to capture the event.
I invited Doreen over to see the twins bulbul, and she was excited. She told me that hers was eaten by the cat, and that because my nest is so low, some birds may prey on them. After I heard her say that, I spent the next few mornings chasing away all the birds that landed near the nest. I complained to Doreen about how busy that kept me, and she remarked, "What do you think? Baby sitting is a full time job!"
There was a huge gust of wind on Thursday midnight, caused by the Indonesian Squall. We were afraid the fragile sunbird’s nest would be blown off, but luckily it stayed intact. Instead, a pot crashed. Mike rushed out to check if it was the twins, luckily, that pot was also okay.
The twins have some feathers now and the parents are feeding them every hour. They have doubled their birth weight. I hope they’ll still be around when I get back from China next Sunday. I would hate for them to leave without saying goodbye.

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