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Day 4 – Shangrila

We departed Lijiang at 9am for a long drive to Banyan Tree Ringha, ‘hidden among the clouds on the southern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau’. This was the place that the 1937 book and movie ‘Lost Horizon’ was basede upon. … Continue reading

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Day Three – 拉市海, 束河古镇

This morning, Mike arranged for our taxi driver Yang Chen to take us to 拉市海. We had expected to just go there to see a lake, probably do some bird watching, as cranes are reportedly nesting there. We were totally … Continue reading

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Lijiang – Day 2 玉龙雪山

This morning, we booked a cab at Y400 to bring us to 玉龙雪山.   Lijiang is an expensive place. Before we could even depart, we were told by the hotel that there is a charge of Y80 pax for Preservation … Continue reading

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Lijiang – Day 1 Arrival to Banyan Tree

When I told my friend, Sheena, that I’ll be going to Banyan Tree today, she commented, "You can now take that list off your vision board." I had totally forgotten about the picture I had of Banyan Tree Lijiang on my … Continue reading

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Birds’ Paparazzi

If birds are movie stars, then Mike and I are the paparazzis following them around with our cameras and webcam.   According to my bird-watching neighbour, Doreen, it’s the nesting seasons. Last Monday, She had her giant telescope in her balcony aimed … Continue reading

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The attractiveness of a man

Actor Hugh Jackman commented that his wife, Deborah-Lee Furness gets very annoyed with his beefcake image. She says that "a husband’s job is to be fat and flabby and make me look fabulous." After reading that, I secretly thank Mike … Continue reading

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家有喜事 Part II

In the eighties, my family had many 喜事. My aunties, who were not much older than me, were getting married one-by-one, and those who got married in the late seventies were having babies. These cumulated to my own wedding in 1990, … Continue reading

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