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You’re calling me Auntie?

The recent debate on being called aunties and uncles had me pondering. I’ve been called aunties by my friends’ kids as well as my kids’ friends for as long as I can remember. So, i have never really taken notice when someone … Continue reading

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Recent movies

My friend, Bee, and I was at the cinema the other day, watching Slumdog Millionaire. I’m lucky that I have a bunch of girlfriends who have similar liking for the same genre of movies. We watched the shorts of the movies that … Continue reading

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The Last Lecture

The last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, was based on the last lecture that he gave to his students at the Carnegie Mellon (University). I first saw the last lecture in the Oprah show when he gave a shorter version of … Continue reading

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Letting Go

In the many dramas that I watched, regardless if it’s American, Taiwanese or Korean, they always advocate that "Love means letting go."   This morning, I let the love of my life go, all the way to Shanghai alone. (not … Continue reading

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When I was in MyeonDong (a shopping street) in Korea last November, I met a group of medical students. They were there to dispel the prejudice and fear towards AIDS patients. They held a placecard asking, "If I have AIDS, would … Continue reading

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It’s hard to be a parent.

In the Korean drama, Sweet Nineteen, there was an episode where Yun Hoe, the male lead, defied his parents to leave home, so that he could be with Ju Hua, thus giving up the opulent lifestyle he had been brought up with. … Continue reading

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My affairs with Mills and Boon

I started reading Mills and Boon (M&B) when i was twelve, having been introduced by my next door neighbour, Auntie Rose, who had a huge collection of M&B, some that were even published in the sixties. But being in the … Continue reading

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