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Times when i cried

About a decade ago, a colleague of mine took my shen chen ba zi to a Taiwanese fortune teller to have my fortune told. The fortune teller had told her that my life is so smooth he wondered why I … Continue reading

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My Horoscope today

Today, my horoscope gave me the creeps.   It stated:   Your horoscope for February 24, 2009 Have you done some drawings, Vicky? Since last month, or possibly even before, you have been thinking about all of your creative abilities. … Continue reading

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Numbers that count for women

I read this in the Jan’s issue of Oprah and wanted to record it down for future reference. Dr Mehmet Oz had discussed this on the show and I found it really useful. These numbers are what we should aim for … Continue reading

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My work

In the space of 48 hours, I was told by two person that I don’t work, albeit in very different tones.   At yoga, my teacher asked me what work i do. I told her I don’t work. She looked at … Continue reading

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Reaping your destiny

Someone once wrote: you sow a thought, you reap an action; you sow an action, you reap a habit; you sow a habit, you reap your value; you sow your value, you reap your destiny. So any negative thoughts that … Continue reading

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A burden or a privilege?

My youngest son, Aaron, is the only left hander in the family, except for a few cousins. At dinner, his chopsticks would often fight with his neighbouring diner, and if it happened to be his brothers, Aaron would often end … Continue reading

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How to talk about death?

Last Thursday, I decided to visit Granny to return some money to an aunt via her. (She’s like a post office for us.) She is 83 years old, and became very frail since a mild stroke in 2006.   It was … Continue reading

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