Korea – Day 6

This is the sixth night that I am sleeping on a different hotel bed.
After breakfast, we went sightseeing in Seoul before going to the Ginseng Monopoly Showroom. Monopoly because it is run by the Korean Government. Ginseng in Korea is known as Gaoli. Wild Ginseng is rare now, and most ginseng is hand grown in the farm, before transferring to the mountain region until they are 6 years old before being harvested. Thoes that are not so good at 1-2 years would be used to make Ginseng chicken soup, 3 -4 years (teenage years) are very heaty and would cause nose bleed. Thoes that are older than 6 years are the truely nutritional one.
Thomas is a really good salesman, as he distributed his own ginseng pills around. Upon hearing that Glen has been taking Ginseng, and that Destine got that for her wedding treaseau, Mike decided to splurg on it for himself and for the kids, since it can eliminate allergies. After that most expensive shopping trip, we went to learn how to make Kimchi and also dressed up in Korean costumes.
Next, we went to a the site for the drama ‘The first shop of Coffee Prince’ for coffee and tea.
Lunch that day was a special Korean set feast. The dishes were both delicious to the eyes as well as to the palette.
After the whirlwind tour, it’s off to some shopping at Myung Dong (Ming Dong). While there, some medical students were campaigning for Aids victim and were asking shoppers if they would hug aids victim. The students spoke in perfect US accented English. After hugging them, we were rewarded with a hand warmer and hot tea.
Next to Lotte World. Lotte World was where they filmed the show "Stairways to Heaven." Unfortunately, the portrait of the "Stairway to Heaven" had been taken down and the only thing familair was the carousel.
That night, we slept soundly in the 6 star hotel, Lotte Hotel, which incidentally also owns Lotte Tours where Thomas and Kelvin work. 

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One Response to Korea – Day 6

  1. Nabueh says:

    Wah! You looked completely Korean in that Korean costume! Could’ve mistaken this as a Korean family! Go hug another Aids victim! Good job!

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