Korea – Day 5

Last night after dinner, we were greeted by light snow fall and gleefully went around trying to take photos of the snow. Mike woke up early morning and saw that the snow fall was heavier and set up his camera to capture this scene just outside our bedroom window.
Everyone was excited by the white wintry scenery and Thomas had a hard time getting everyone to go in for breakfast. After breakfast, we were supposed to rush down to Seoul but not before we had taken some photos and had snow fights. Thomas told us we were so lucky. As we left Jeju, it rained the next day. Now, we had the chance to see snow before we depart the ski resort.
The drive down was an anticlimax as we left the snow covered tree-top hill to arrive at the bare brown hue of lowland. Midway, we stopped at a herb garden, which was a waste of time as the lavender and other herbs were not in bloom.
Next was to the car museum of Samsung Chairman. After visiting the Mercedez Museum in Stuggart, this was a let down. At lunch, we arrived at Everland. That was where Aaron had a tentrum and refused to button his jacket or wear his scarf. Mike and I were so angry with him. Regardless how we threatened him, he refused to cooperate. Funnily, he reverted back to his old self barely ten minutes later.
The last stop for the day was a ginseng chicken dinner, before we settle in for the day. Our hotel for the night is at the Seaol Garden Hotel, situated in the South of Seoul. Seoul is divided into North and South by the Han River, and the South was the first to be developed, followed by the North.
Tomorrow, we will visit the North side for Lotte World.

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