Korea – Day 4

I can’t believe we are half way through the trip. This morning, we’re going skiing. As it hadn’t started snowing in Korea yet, the snow on the ski slope is faked snow. The temperature is -4 deg C and we are expecting snow anytime.
After breakfast, we took a ride up the cable car to the peak, where another scene from Winter Sonata was filmed here. My boots sank into the foot-deep snow, which I think was fresh from the night before. It was so cold that we spent only ten minutes up there before taking the cable car down. We were greeted with staff from Starbucks serving hot cocoa for free.
After that, it’s ski lessons time. Thomas told us that we would get a guide who would teach us how to ski. He told us in the bus the night before, "You would hear him mumbling and demostrating, but don’t worry if you can’t understand. We’ll let him do his job, and then, I, Thomas, the ski expert will personally teach you how to ski." He was rewarded with a round of applause from us. True to his word, we could not hear a word, nor understand (it was in Korean), although Thomas tried his best to interprete. After about 15 mins, we thanked the coach, who was probably an undergrad earning a few bucks. Thomas took over. He split us into two groups forming two lines down.  First, we taught us how to wear and take off the ski slide, and hold the poles. Next, he taught us how to stop. You must always form an "A" to stop. Next, we took turns. No one knew how to "A" at first, and all fell down, or was lucky enough to be caught by Kelvin, who was at the bottom of the line.
By the end of the hour long lesson, Thomas and Kelvin had stripped down to their T-shirt, perspiration soaked through. We had a fun time laughing at each other thumbling down. The kids did a much better job at balancing. Once while waiting for my turn, I felt myself sliding backwards and could not stop. Upon hearing my scream, Thomas had to come over to retrieve me.
Soon, one by one went off to practise on their own. We had to walk sideway, like a crab, up the slope, before skiing downwards. As I practised a few times, I thought I’ve got the hang of things, only to fall again.  Finally, i had enough of falling and decided to give up.
We skied some more after lunch and decided to stop at 4pm, exhausted and sweaty. Mike fell and tore his knee ligament and was given free medical service at the clinic. My nap that day was interrupted by jolts dreams of my falling down.
Dinner that night was at a restaurant where Beh Yong Jun and Cui had their dinner. Mike and I had fun re-enacting the scene according to the photo on the dinner table.

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