Single Daddy in love

I’m in love with this movie. The main lead in this movie, Oh Ji Ho (see I even remember his name, a feat in itself, as Korean names all sound the same to me) is so good looking that I regret I’m not at least ten years younger.
This story is about a single father, Pungho, of a seven year old boy, San, whose wife left him six years ago to pursue her music career in the US. Pungho meets and fell in love a medical student, Hari, not knowing that her future stepmother, Suri, is his ex-wife. Complication occured when San has brain tumour and must be operated by Hari’s father. The secret is exposed and all the Suri, Hari and Pungho all wanted to leave Seoul to solve the problem, until Pungho discovers that he too has brain tumour.
This show was touted in the dvd as a romantic comedy, it’s not, as the ending is not clear if Pungho lives or dies.
This show reminded me of what my Korean tour guide told us. The lead in Korean drama will surely have a terminal disease, cancer unsually. How cliche! Still, I recommend this dvd for the tender relationship between father and son, and watching Oh Ji Ho is an added bonus.

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