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Creating your own luck

Recently while reading books and magazines, I kept coming across this word ‘Serendipity’ (meaning good fortune or good luck) and wondered if something good is coming to me soon. Then while reading the February issue of Oprah, a very interesting … Continue reading

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Day 7 – Last day in Korea

All of us decided to join the optional tour organised by Thomas. Breakfast was at a porridge and you tiao at a Chinese restaurant. Then, he brought us to The Face Shop where the ladies ahd and guys had a … Continue reading

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Korea – Day 6

This is the sixth night that I am sleeping on a different hotel bed.   After breakfast, we went sightseeing in Seoul before going to the Ginseng Monopoly Showroom. Monopoly because it is run by the Korean Government. Ginseng in … Continue reading

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Korea – Day 5

  Last night after dinner, we were greeted by light snow fall and gleefully went around trying to take photos of the snow. Mike woke up early morning and saw that the snow fall was heavier and set up his … Continue reading

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Korea – Day 4

  I can’t believe we are half way through the trip. This morning, we’re going skiing. As it hadn’t started snowing in Korea yet, the snow on the ski slope is faked snow. The temperature is -4 deg C and … Continue reading

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Single Daddy in love

  I’m in love with this movie. The main lead in this movie, Oh Ji Ho (see I even remember his name, a feat in itself, as Korean names all sound the same to me) is so good looking that I regret … Continue reading

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