Korea- Day 3

We arrived last night to Daegu, located in the middle of South Korea. We were told this morning that we would be visiting a local spa (Gyeongju Aqua World) and that swimsuits and swim caps are mendatory. "Don’t be like the mainland tourists and come with shower caps." Thomas warned us, "If you do not have caps, you can rent from the counter." We thought he was joking, until we saw a Singaporean couple from another group doing just that. Thomas also told the ladies that nudity is a common thing in locker rooms, so in order not to waste time, don’t spend time queueing at the toilet to change. just change infront of your locker. "Remember, whatever you have, she has too, and what you don’t have, she doesn’t have too." (她有什么,您也是有.她没有,您也没有!)
Even so, I still did my changing in the toilet. The Korean women really walked stark naked around in the locker room, reminding me of a similar incident in the NUS Guild House where a woman did just that and attracted stares from everyone, me, maids, kids, alike. We all thought she was mad.
From our locker room, we went into the indoor swimming pool. There is an outdoor pool too but the temperature outside is near zero. Some brave souls decided to venture out and we followed them into the brightly coloured pools. It was HOT and inviting. There were coloured from the herbs and medication.
Another new experience for us is the Dr Fish Spa. It felt ticklish, but my feet did not feel any smoother after the 15 min feast by the fish.
After the spa, we had to shower in the commual shower room. Luckily Destine and I were among the last few and so had the shower room to ourselves. She wondered why everyone, even the young girls are so shy about showing their body. Perhaps if I lost a few kilos, did not have any stretch marks, I may feel the same way?
After the spa, it was lunch. We wre all staving and we delighted that we would be having Pork Bulgogi. Again, we enjoyed the meal very much.
After lunch, we visited Dongwasha Temple to view a 33 metre Buddha statue. The temple is 1200 years old and the surrounding was peaceful and serene, the scenery still coloured by the autumn foliage.
Dinner that night was Mushroom Shabu shabu dinner. As many Singaporean tourists had complained about the lack of meat, there were a few slices of pork for us.
After dinner, we came out of the hotel and was greeted by an amazing sight of stairway to heaven…a ski slope lighted up at night.
The sight reminded us that tomorrow, we would be trying out skiing for the first time. Wow, so exciting.

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