My brother finally got hitched!

It started last night in the car as we passed the Singapore flyer. The memory of last Friday’s event at that location must have slipped into all our minds and one of the boys (I forgot who) asked, now that Uncle Min is married, how should they address his wife, whom the boys have always addressed by her name, Wei Wei. Should they call her Auntie Wei Wei, which they admit feels quite odd after all these months. I told them I guess they can continue calling her Wei Wei, unless she objects.
Last Friday was my brother Min’s ROM. He took almost all the family members by surprised when he announced that he had purchased a condo unit last July 2007 with his girlfriend, whom we only knew 6 months before. We were skeptical if this would last. Over the past few years, whenever he brought home a new girlfriend, Grandma would tell us, his sisters, "I think this is the one", only to be told they have broken up sometime later. Well i guess the second hand on his body clock ticked much faster now that he is older and he decided to take the plunge.
So on 12 December 2008, my dearest brother finally got hitched at the Singapore Flyer, witnessed by his family and friends.

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