Korea- Day 2 Jeju Island

During the military rule, Koreans were not allowed out of the country, and to go over seas to many of them meant going to Jeju Island, a small island east of the peninsular.
We arrived at Jeju Island the night before, and slept gratefully in comfortable beds at our hotel, Jeju Pacific Hotel. We had a large room with a queen and a single bed, which was the same for all the other hotels to come.
This morning, we went to a seaside town to view the Yongduam Rock, or "Dragon Head Rock", an unusual lava formation that looks like a roaring  dragon rising from the sea into the sky.  What do you think? Does it look like a dragon?
Next, we visited Songsan Sunrise Park. The uphill walk took us half and hour, but I enjoyed it, as it was cold and the exercise help warmed me.
At the bottom of the hill were shops selling local chocolates, sandwiched with strawberries, green tea or cactus fruit. Tangerines were in season and we were told not to buy any as we would be going to pluck some at a farm. But before we did that, it was fun time at a ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) park. It was my first time trying that, and I must say it’s not my cup of tea.
It was no different from driving a car. But the couple behind me (in the photo) had trouble controlling their ATV, and went into the bush, a ditch and a tree. Perhaps the lady should drive instead!
Next was tangerine picking. Destine and I remembered our last trip together picking apples in Beijing and this was fun. Thomas told us that tangerines that are just plucked would be sour, and it would be better to keep it for a few days. Glen made evryone laughed when he said he was going to keep them to "拜年".
We were given a box of tangerines to share. These tangerines were brought over from Japan to help the farmers in Jeju decades agao. They were indeed sweet and juicy.
The next destination before flying to Daegu was to visit Jeju Folk Village, where the show "Dae Jang Geum" (大长今) was filmed, where Jan Geum spends her exile in Jeju learning medicine.
Next we were taken to a Mysterious Road, so called as an illusion of the road going uphill is actually going down. That was over-rated and I couldn’t see anything.
Lastly, we took a flight out to Daegu in the mainland for dinner. Dinner for that night was tofu topped with slices of truffle.

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