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writing my novel

    Haruki Murakami is a well known Japanese author who is also a long distant runner. He was asked in a Time’s magazine article recently how has distance-running affacted him as a writer, and he replied that two things … Continue reading

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The Law of Attraction

Last week, while eating yet another box of mooncake, this time from Li Bai, we reminiesed about the Champange Truffles Mooncake fro Raffles Hotel. When Frank was around, he would generously buy us one box of 8 pcs each. Each … Continue reading

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Mooncake Festival at CTSS

When I was persuaded to join the CTSS PSG committee, they told me it was a very easy job, since I would not be holding any important post. My post of the level 4 co-ordinator was just to imform all … Continue reading

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Stairways to Heaven

I am currently watching the korean soap Stairways to Heaven. It has the making for a good romance drama and tear jerker, something that’s inspirational to my novel. So every evening promptly at 6pm, I’ll forgo my jogging session to … Continue reading

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