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Teachers’ Day Concert

When I was pulled to join the CTSS’s PSG(Parents Support Group) committee, I was assured that it would very easy, The PSG would meet every quarter to organise school events, like Teacher’s Day and Mooncake Festival. They had also mentioned … Continue reading

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I have been writing so much that i have neglected this space. You see, I have just disovered a wonderful site to exhibit (if that’s the right word) all my writings and invite strangers to review and critic them.   … Continue reading

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Lunar eclipse on 17 August morning.

This morning, the whole family woke up at 4am to view a natural phenomenum rarely seen in Singapore, a lunar eclipse.   Mike told us about it and asked if we want to accompany him to Kent Ridge Park to … Continue reading

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The Kindle

In today’s Life!, Yong Shu Hoong, a poet, freelance writer and Singapore Literature Prize writer talked about ‘the allure of ink on paper’ and wondered "why bother with technology to re-create something that tries to be the real thing?". He … Continue reading

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Last weekend, Vanilla magazine invited me to a tea session at a cafe at Rochester. Without hesitation, I agreed, since I thought I probably would never pay to drink or eat at a cafe at Rochester. I know I would … Continue reading

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