Pure 19 Korean drama

It’s terrible to be hooked on TV, and have one’s life revolve around it. Ever heard this? “Dinner? sorry, but I don’t want to miss an episode. ” I used to be really mad at my Grandma, aunties, or friends for saying that.
Last year at around this time, i was hooked on Aja Geum Soon. So I borrowed the whole DVD set from Ms Teh. The problem is I have to sit through more than 100 episodes, and every time one episode ended, i could not stop, and i would end up watch 5-6 episodes into the wee morning. Needless to say, I had strained eyes the next day, and yet i could still go on. This lasted one week and i told myself i would not be subjected to such torture anymore.
This time round, ironically, Channel U is showing a somewhat similar story, called Pure 19, or Heart of 19, depending on where it’s been translated. I did not like the male leads when I first watch the drama, esp. Suh Ji Suk who acted as the director, thinking him too skinny and not musculine enough, but they gradually grew on me and now I can’t stop. Luckily for me, some kind(and very free)  soul (Thanks zgreat!) uploaded all the scenes between Ju Hwa and The director onto youtube and I got to watch for free, minus all the other non essential stories. The dialogues are witty and touching. The lines that the director sprouts are so romantic that I want to record it all down onto the romance novel that I will write one day. The scenes are kept playing in my mind, again and again.
The music soundtracks are also beautifully written and I wanted my sons to play it for me, but they claimed it’s too “emo” for them! I contacted another kind soul in youtube who kindly forwarded to me an mp of the opening songs, but I am still searching for the other song Saranah Jichetda (Tired of Love). I realise that there are many communities in youtube who have no qualms about sharing everything with other like minded people. How nice!
To watch one of my favourite scene, click below:

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