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Pride and Prejudice

Yesterday, as with all Wednesdays, is a day when I get to socialise with women like myself from my Pilate class, homemakers busy with kids. In many of the conversations with my compatriots, we often share our disapointments and problems … Continue reading

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Basic Greek by James Collins

Firstly, i would never have picked up this book from the title or its rather plain cover. However, as the August issue of Oprah Magazine had recommended it as a good summer read, i borrowed it from the library to … Continue reading

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What would you do?

On Oprah today, they were showing an excerpt from a show on Prime TV called "What would you do?". In the show, they had actors acting out scenes and recorded the reaction of the people around.   The first few I … Continue reading

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Going back to work

Today, my pilate classmate, Tina, told me that today would be her second last lesson for pilate. She is rejoining the workforce after 5.5 years as a homemaker. She has been thinking about going back to work after her son’s O’levels … Continue reading

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What men are like…

I received the following joke from my mother and I thought that the metaphor was hilarous!   For all those men who say, Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free. Here’s an update for you: Nowadays, … Continue reading

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My New Perm

After agonizing for two weeks, I decided that I really needed to do something about my hair. The last time I sat in a beauty salon was in February, just before Chinese New Year. Since then, I have only had … Continue reading

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Andreas and my arguement

For my writing assignment, I was instructed to write a piece of 250 words in which two characters have a heated arguement. It was an easy piece, considering the daily arguements I have with all my three sons.   So … Continue reading

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