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The Twin Disasters

Following the disasters in Myanmar and China, there has been many news analysis comparing the two countries and how the government are coping differently.   On one hand, we have fellow Asean member Myanmar. The junta sees no urgency in … Continue reading

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The Postman

Ever since I was young girl, i have been obsessed with the postman. I remember at age 9, i took part in a coca-cola contest for fun and an aunt helped me mailed it. Imagine my surprise when the postman … Continue reading

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The Alchemist

As you might have read in my previous blogs, I have been studying The Secret and practising the Law of Attraction for the past few months. I had even paid $1600 to attend The Science of Getting Rich, a 3 … Continue reading

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Doing survey

Recently, I learnt that there are ways to make money from doing surveys, albeit very slow money, but better than nothing. So whenever I am given a survey, I faithfully complete it, hoping to accumulate some points. Just to illustrate … Continue reading

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Exam’s Results

Anthony Yeo’s column in the Sunday Times last week told parents to educate, not certificate our children. Quote: "I am aware of the agony many parents experience in their preoccupation with academic performance. Somehow they seem rather consumed by anxiety that … Continue reading

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Made of Honour

Out of the blue, Soh Bee called yesterday and asked me for a show together. She had taken a day off in lieu of travelling during Good Friday. Luckily the home repair that was going on in my bedroom finally … Continue reading

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Simpleology 101

Quote: "Whoever I am, or whatever I am doing, some kind of excellence is within my reach."   I have started learning Simpleology 101 from . This is a learning of the science of getting what you want, based … Continue reading

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