Bollywood and Jumbo Waterfront

Yesterday was quite an eventful day.
In the morning, together with Destine and gang, we visited our old Harvey neighbour Ivy at her Bollywood farm. There, the photographers went wild taking photos of all the insects in the organic farm, while the rest of us suffered in the hot noon sun.
After about an hour, we headed back indoors to the restaurant Poison Ivy, which described aptly the owner’s name, as she ranted about her encounters with NEA officers who came to her farm wanting to check on dengue, stray dogs etc. The poor guys got a mouthful of her poison and did not appear again. It was like in the old days once again.
The vegetables at the restaurant were all organic, the chicken from the farm next door, and the fish from god knows where! The chef is a niece of ex minister Lim Kim San, and a Gordon Blue one at that. We could tell by the price. The dishes were simple and well cooked, like Bringal Omelate, Otah Omelate, Fried Kang Kong, Fried Sweet potato leaves, braised soya chicken and papaya salad. Destine enjoyed the Lemon grass drinks but the kids & I did not.
The bill for the 9 of us was $133.
Unknown to us, there was an entrance fee to the farm, but having eaten there, we assumed we did not have to pay.
For dinner decided to make use of the VIP voucher of $50 from Jumbo Seafood and went to Jumbo Waterfront, at the Indoor stadium. As there was a minimum spending of $150, I specifically told the manager who took our order that I would like to order to be about $150 or slightly more. So at every stage of ordering, I asked him to estimate the price for us. After ordering crispy noodles, chilli crabs, drunken prawns, brocoli, we were told the bill is slightly above $100. So we decided to order a deep-fried soon hock.
After a while, the manager came back and told us that the soon hock is quite big, and that the bill is now $179-180 including taxes. We agreed and he went ahead with the order.
Imagine our surprise when he came back as we were finishing our meal and told us the bill is $230, as the fish was too big. I was really unhappy and chided him, accusing him of trying to cheat us. He claimed he did not know the fish would be that much, which I rebutted that was not what he said when he came to tell us the size of the fish. After I told him off, i was almost prepared to lodge a complaint but he came back and apologise for his mistake. He decided not to charge us for all the tea/ drinks and towers and taxes. He even offered a plate of fruits as compensation. With that, I relented.
So since he admitted it was his mistake and tried to made amends, I did not pursue further. Lessons for the boys? mathematics is very important in every job, even for a manager of a restaurant taking orders!

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