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New balance Real Run 2007

In order to motivate my sons to continue running, I decided to take part in the x-terrain Real Run organised by New Balance in aid of the President’s Star Charity. This run would include running on runway, beach, track and … Continue reading

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Abundance for my birthday

What a weird day i had yesterday, as it was truely blessed with many events of abundances.   1) I received an invitation from a beauty centre yesterday for a free facial, without obligation. So why not, but I had mentally … Continue reading

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Today, I told Andreas and Ivan that I have booked for them a Chinese tution during the holidays. As expected, Andreas complained that his life is filled with tuition. "You are spending so much money on my tuition" he complained. … Continue reading

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What do women my generation do?

  At the urging of my brother, Min, I signed up for a facebook account. What a let down! I couldn’t find any friends in it. I was the only one from Nanyang Girls (Yr 81) in it, and the handfull … Continue reading

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Since the evening of Eric Moo’s concert on 6 Oct 2007, I have been floating on air most time. His songs took me back to my youth, and a feeling of malancholic nostagia overwhelmed me so much it refused to dessipate. As we … Continue reading

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Expectations and disappointments

I know I am supposed to be having a positive outlook in my practise on the Law of Attraction, but disappointment will loom if one has unrealistic expectation.   As a mother, I have high expectation for my kids, not to … Continue reading

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Positive thinking

Today, I am thankful for the following: 1) A good pilate class, although I must work harder on my roll-up. 2) A free pilate down load from the web 3) A nice lunch with Guat Cheng and her sound advices on … Continue reading

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